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SAN13Sanicondens - saniflo sanicondens best macerator

SAN13Sanicondens - saniflo sanicondens best macerator
Specially designed to evacuate and neutralise acidic concentrates from condensing oil and gas boilers.

SANICONDENS BEST is specifically designed for disposing of the acidic condensate from condensing boilers and and other water producing equipment such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers etc.

Quiet and light, it is designed to operate with water at a mean temperature of 35C and occasionally with water up to 80C and a minimum pH of 2.5.

* Pumps condensate away
* Pumps up to 4.5m vertically
* Full 6m flexible discharge pipe supplied
* Floor or wall mounting
* Pumps up to 342 litres/hour
* Also works with a/c units, dehumidifiers and other water producing units
* Pre-cabled connection for an alarm system
* H255 x W275 x D175mm
* Liquid capacity: 1800 cc
* Sound level: <45 dBA
* Operational temperature: 35C. Occasional: up to 80C
* Non-return valve fitted
* Not suitable for use with SaniAlarm.
* Sanicondens Best incorporates a pH neutralising granule tray

Watts (Consumption) 60 watts
Electrical Supply 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Horizontal Discharge up to 50 m
Vertical Discharge up to 4.5m
Working Temperature 35oC
Maximum Temperature 80oC
Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level)H255 x W275 xD175mm

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