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Sanibest_San18 - saniflow sanibest macerator 760w 240v

Sanibest_San18 - saniflow sanibest macerator 760w 240v

Sanibest: Macerator and pump for discharge of waste and water from WC, shower, washbasins and urinals/bidets. Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants and guest houses

Sanibest's new macerator cutting action deals with almost anything

Watts (Consumption): 760 watts
Horizontal Discharge: max 100m (1/100)
Vertical Discharge: 6 metres
Gravity fall on horizontal installations: 1/100
Discharge Pipe Diameter: 22mm / 32mm
Working Temperature: 35oC
Materials: polypropylene - white
Type of WC Pan (not included): BS EN 33/37 (centre height of WC pan outlet. 180mm 10%)
Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level): w529mm h350mm d175mm
EuropeanStandard: EN 12050-3
Alarm: No
Maintenance Access to motor by unclipping the lid

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